3 Reasons Daycare Can Make Potty Training Easier

While many preschools insist that children already be toilet trained before they can be enrolled, daycare centers that accept younger children are often a large part of a potty training child's life. Since children potty train at different ages and with different methods, you may be nervous about sending your potty training child to daycare. However, there are several ways that daycare can actually help the potty training process. 

Positive Peer Pressure

Toddlers enjoy imitating older children. While this might be nerve-wracking on the playground, it can be useful during potty-training. If your daycare has a mix of ages, your child will likely see other young children successfully using the potty. Eventually, this will spark their natural curiosity and they will want to try it too. This can make getting your toddler to sit still long enough to use the potty much easier. Often, daycare workers will allow friends to use the potty together, which will keep the youngsters amused and help them have positive associations with the potty. 

A Structured Schedule 

When you first begin potty-training your child, they may not be able to signal every time they have to use the potty. At daycare centers, there is often a strict potty schedule and children learn to use the potty at the same time every day. Although it is important that your child learn to express their need to use the potty, scheduled potty breaks can help prevent accidents, which can help increase your child's confidence in their ability to stay dry without diapers. 

Experienced Staff

Depending on the staff at your daycare center, they have likely helped dozens of children learn how to potty train. This means that they have likely encountered children with different reactions to potty training and are able to help your child learn to use the potty. For example, if your child is afraid of the potty or strongly resists using the potty, your daycare provider has likely encountered other children with similar issues and can work with your child to overcome their resistance while giving you useful tips to try at home. 

Potty-training a child who spends time at daycare regularly should be a joint effort that involves both the parents and the daycare providers. It is important to discuss potty training with your daycare provider before you begin a potty training program with your child. This way, your child can experience consistent potty training methods at home and at daycare.