Things To Know About Becoming An Airline Pilot

One of the most exciting ways to travel around is in an airplane, as it allows you to see the world from a different view. If you have a dream of becoming an airline pilot, it is worth investing in the training that you need to accomplish your goal. Being in the airline industry is beneficial in numerous ways that will make you happy about the choice to pursue such an industry. [Read More]

Questions To Ask Your Child's Preschool

Raising children has often been said to be the most important and fulfilling task that a person will undertake. When your child is old enough to begin preschool, it's likely that reality will hit you and you'll begin panicking over whether he or she is ready for that big step. Rather than allowing yourself to be overcome by emotion, it's important that you take the time to educate yourself on what's coming. [Read More]

5 Idioms That Can Help You Understand the Montessori Philosophy

If your child attends public school and you are considering sending them to a summer program for kids, you may have a multitude of questions. The Montessori philosophy is much different from what you are familiar with. In public school, students are assigned seats and expected to remain quiet and on task with everyone else in the classroom. Montessori believes that children can foster their own learning and development through exploration and experience. [Read More]

Preschool Language Acquisition: 3 Strategies For Reinforcing Early Language Learning At Home

Getting to know your child better has lately become an exciting adventure, since you never know what new thing they might say. During the toddler and preschool years, your child is rapidly adding new words to their vocabulary and learning the nuances of oral language. While your child's teachers will fill their days with language learning opportunities, you can help reinforce these lessons by using these strategies at home. Ask Open-Ended Questions [Read More]