3 Reasons Why You Should Send Your Teen To Driving School

Turning 16 is a rite of passage for many teens. The ability to get your driver's license and maybe your first car can serve as the first real shot at independence for many young adults. Still, the process of actually learning how to drive can be difficult for both teens and their parents. Here are three reasons why you might want to consider sending your teen to driving school instead of teaching them yourself.

Less Stress for Both Parents and Child

Let's face it, a lot of teens aren't exactly known for their excellent behavior. Even if you've raised them right, teens naturally want to argue with and rebel against their parents; it's just part of the process of growing up. Now take this situation and place it inside a moving vehicle where one wrong move could cause serious injury. Teaching your child to drive can clearly be stressful. Hiring a neutral third-party won't just keep you out of the equation, it might also get your teen to listen more closely to his or her instructor's directions.

Make Sure Your Teen Gets The Very Latest Information

When's the last time you reviewed your state's driving laws? If you're like many parents, the answer to that question is probably, "back when I took my own driving test." Driving laws can change over time and what might have been good enough to pass your test back in the day might not longer fly for your teen. Hiring a driving school to help educate your teen will ensure that he or she walks into the driving test center with all of the very latest information at their disposal.

Save Money on Your Insurance

Yes, sending your teen to driving school will obviously cost some money. But did you know that successful completion of a driving school course could actually save you money on your car insurance? Adding a teenager to an existing policy is of course going to make that policy's premium go up, but if you can provide a certificate or other proof that the teen has completed an official driving safety course, many insurance providers may give you a discount. 

If you and your teen argue frequently, a driving school might be the best option for getting them the education they need without stressing everyone out in the process. Even if you wouldn't mind teaching your teen yourself, a driving school will help ensure that your child has all of the latest information required to pass their driving test, and it might even pay for itself over time in the form of a lower insurance premium. Contact a local driving school today for more information.

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