How Daycares Help "Sickly" Children

The term "sickly" children is often used for those young ones who have a hard time staying healthy. There are many different reasons that this may occur, including isolation that may keep a child from developing a strong immune system. However, a daycare center may help these children build a stronger health system by making them more exposed to common childhood diseases.

Some Children Get Sick More Often Than Others

Most people know of a child who seems to get sick more than others. These young children are often isolated from others in the family, having no siblings and mostly spending time with their mother and father. Unfortunately, this isolation may have something to do with a child feeling sickly or being sick all of the time in ways that other children are not.

Isolation often affects the immune system, making it harder for some children to fight off disease by never exposing them to any conditions. As a result, it is often important to get these children some social attention, such as taking them to a daycare center if they don't have a lot of friends their age or siblings with whom they can interact as people and develop a stronger immune system.

Ways Daycare Helps

Building an immune system can be done in a handful of different ways. The most effective of these is to expose people to various diseases and force their bodies to fight them. For example, a child could be placed in a daycare center and get exposed to colds, the flu, and other conditions. This exposure can help the child's immune system become more active and make it easier for them to fight off diseases.

While it may seem cruel to expose children to these common conditions, they are usually mild. And the effects that they produce on the immune system include more antibodies that make it easier to fight off other types of similar diseases. In many ways, this approach is one that just about any parent can handle, as long as they watch their child and make sure that they don't get too sick from this problem.

Just as importantly, daycares can provide a stronger sense of connection with peers and others, making it easier for isolated and shy children to feel more integrated with others. In this way, they may be more likely to play with their friends and develop a stronger immune system through physical exercise and interaction with a broader range of individuals in their neighborhood.