Is Your High School Teen Against College? Other Potential Career Opportunities To Explore With Them

If your teen has already expressed that they don't want to go to a 4-year university, and you don't think it's in the budget, there are other post-secondary education options you can look into. Having any type of post-secondary education degree after high school will open their career options and allow them to make more money throughout their lifetime, but finding the right field for them will be important. There are many training options and programs for teens coming out of high school that allow them to find a job specialty without requiring multiple years of studying. [Read More]

Helping Your Dyslexic Child Succeed In School And College

When you have a child who is dyslexic, every school day can seem like a major struggle for them and for you. Many children with dyslexia not only have trouble in school but also find themselves falling further and further behind as the years progress. However, there are ways to combat this problem with your child so that they can be successful in both their childhood education and even in college and beyond. [Read More]

3 Reasons Daycare Can Make Potty Training Easier

While many preschools insist that children already be toilet trained before they can be enrolled, daycare centers that accept younger children are often a large part of a potty training child's life. Since children potty train at different ages and with different methods, you may be nervous about sending your potty training child to daycare. However, there are several ways that daycare can actually help the potty training process.  Positive Peer Pressure [Read More]